Spring 2010 Contents
Lauren Camp Confession (read)
Even If
Andrew Coburn Spouses (read excerpt)
Judith Skillman Box Turtle
Andrew Lizotte Kings and Queens
Alexander Budnitz Infrastructure
Denise Falcone One Saturday Night in 1977
Aidan Lee Lie to Me
Brian Daldorph "what truly matters": Nine Years of
Teaching a Creative Writing Class at
Douglas County Jail, Lawrence, Kansas
Peter Jay Shippy Standing on the River
Dan Gutstein The Killer's New Life
Cheyenne Nimes Why I Love Jeffrey Dahmer
Sarah Browning Rembrandt Workshop in the District 
Memorial Day, 2008
Larry Crist Trampoline
Guy R. Beining caged memory
Priya Chandrasekaran The Stops
Edythe Haendel Schwartz Pantoum for The World Cup
David Starkey Electric Chair at Sing Sing
Olga Zilberbourg My Mother at the Shooting Range
Dennis J. Bernstein No More Fag Shit
Margaret Walsh the question must be posed just right
Richard Krause Gregor
Laurence Snydal The Deeds, the Dead


Fiction by Joyce Goldenstern, Brady Harrison, TR Poulson, Christopher Urban, and Dina Cox.

Poems by Pamela Morneault Gemme, Stephen Gibson, Michael Graves, Lakisha Jackson, Kristin G. Kelly, Amasa Larkins, Irene Mitchell, Bob Monson, darlene anita scott, and Paula Yup.

Nonfiction from Cynthia Cupe, Erika Dreifus, and Vance Voyles.

  • Erika Dreifus -
    My Life as a Bully

  • Joyce GoldenStern -
    Massachussetts Murder Mystery


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