Spring 2011 Contents
Laura Grace Weldon Locust
Joining the Statistics
Paul Stapleton The Fall of Punicea (read excerpt)
Jean Stefancic Good Friday
Susan Maurer The Dead Come Home
Shanee Stepakoff Preface to Song of the Child Soldier
Song of the Child Soldier
Paul Gentry Photographs
Henry Hughes White Van
Marty Silverthorne Mr. Peanut
Michael Casey the wake of Moore’s son (read)
Ashley Shelby Sundog
Lauren Belski Honeymoon in Nicaragua
Carol Denson Elegy
Ena M. Djordjevic To My Father
Shoshauna Shy Nightmare of No on Parenthood Street
Fran Markover The Moon Effect
Yu-Han Chao Writing On the Basement Wall
Kathleen T. Boyle San Quentin Point
Vaughn Wright Serial Killer Trust Fund
Blair Hurley Autobiography
Michael Graves Pity the Furies (read)
A Failure to Leave
Sifat Azad Brownstone
Lauren Camp Drying Out
Peter Schmitt Academic Discourse in Western Massachusetts
Michael Campagnoli The Ledges (read excerpt)
Andrea Fry A Murder


Fiction by Joyce Goldenstern, Brady Harrison, TR Poulson, Christopher Urban, and Dina Cox.

Poems by Pamela Morneault Gemme, Stephen Gibson, Michael Graves, Lakisha Jackson, Kristin G. Kelly, Amasa Larkins, Irene Mitchell, Bob Monson, darlene anita scott, and Paula Yup.

Nonfiction from Cynthia Cupe, Erika Dreifus, and Vance Voyles.

  • Erika Dreifus -
    My Life as a Bully

  • Joyce GoldenStern -
    Massachussetts Murder Mystery


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