Fall 2011 Contents
Guy Beining passing space 3
Paul Hostovsky Leveling the Playing Field
The First Day
Tim Suermondt Flamingo (read)
Andrea Carlisle Choose Your Partner (read excerpt)
Judith Skillman Moods and Qualities
Brad Johnson After Delivery
Randall Brown Object
Shanee Stepakoff Preface to Song of the Grieving Father
Song of the Grieving Father
Jessica Young There is a man Off the coast of Siberut (read)
Jevon Jackson The Hardest Days (read)
Rebecca Givens Rolland We Did at First See Justice
Bhikshuni Weisbrot Stealing (read)
Virginia Thomas Reporting It
Nicholas Wong Ordinary
Laurence Snydal The Assassination of Dr. King (read)
Amy Yolanda Castillo There, There
Ace Boggess Rule Breakers
Sheryl Nelms Bringing the Dogs Out in Selma
Fred Yannantuono Smerdyakov à la Plage
History in the Making

Naomi Glassman A History of the Sense of Touch (read excerpt)
Ryan Scariano wishing you stockholm syndrome


Fiction by Joyce Goldenstern, Brady Harrison, TR Poulson, Christopher Urban, and Dina Cox.

Poems by Pamela Morneault Gemme, Stephen Gibson, Michael Graves, Lakisha Jackson, Kristin G. Kelly, Amasa Larkins, Irene Mitchell, Bob Monson, darlene anita scott, and Paula Yup.

Nonfiction from Cynthia Cupe, Erika Dreifus, and Vance Voyles.

  • Erika Dreifus -
    My Life as a Bully

  • Joyce GoldenStern -
    Massachussetts Murder Mystery


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