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John Jay has established a variety of initiatives, programs, research centers, scholarships and more that honor the nobility of the victims’ sacrifice in positive, constructive and long-lasting ways. 

These initiatives, some of which are described below, as well as others, attract many of the world’s leading scholars, practitioners and outstanding students.  The memorial and the College’s programs speak to our unique mission of “educating for justice,” and will serve as a continuing call to action.

Christian Regenhard Center
The Christian Regenhard Center for Emergency Response Studies (RaCERS) is a unique applied research center focused on bridging the gap between theory and practice in emergency response and homeland security. RaCERS provides an integrated, comprehensive approach to the study of the emergency response to actual disasters as well as the identification and evaluation of emergency responder technology and equipment needs.

Center on Terrorism
John Jay College of Criminal Justice lost 67 students and alumni in the World Trade Center disaster. That loss, and the increased interest in terrorism on the part of concerned citizens, prompted the College to create the Center on Terrorism in late 2001. The goals of the Center are to study terrorism conceptually in ways that are familiar and appropriate for a university and to identify the practical applications of that knowledge in the search for alternative forms of human security. Such a blend of scholarship and commitment is particularly relevant for John Jay College, the leading institution in the country in the field of criminal justice and public safety, and one of the few institutions to offer M.A. students a certificate in the critical study of terrorism.

Advanced Certificate in Terrorism Studies
John Jay offers a stand-alone certificate at the post-baccalaureate level.  A student may purse this certificate while studying for a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice.  The program offers advanced instruction on the causes, dynamics and prevention of terrorist activities.

Academy for Critical Incident Analysis
This institute promotes and disseminates research relating to the emergence, management and consequences of critical incidents.

Dispute Resolution Center
After 9/11, the Center facilitated information exchange and discussion among diverse communities involving conflict resolution, peacemaking, facilitation, dialogue, restorative justice, violence prevention, social justice and related fields in the New York City metropolitan area. Monthly roundtable discussions with leading conflict resolution scholars and experts, the development of a listserve, campus conversations finding common ground with the Muslim community, exhibits, publications about dispute resolution in the Post-September 11th world and research projects have been pursued.

Scholarships invest in talented young people to advance research, leadership and civic responsibility and compassion in our society. The academic work and accomplishments achieved by the student-recipients serve as a living legacy of the courage, resiliency and integrity demonstrated by those who were injured and lost on 9/11.

The Cheryl Williams Student Presentation Scholarship
In the wake of the attacks of September 11, 2001, Professor Cheryl Williams, a valued member of the John Jay Psychology Department, rushed to aid survivors and others as a grief counselor at Ground Zero. Comforting and counseling countless individuals, Cheryl worked tirelessly in the midst of the chaos and debris without a mask or other form of protection. Tragically, Professor Williams developed an aggressive form of lung cancer that eventually claimed her life. Cheryl loved the undergraduate and graduate students of John Jay and created this fund to ensure that learning and professional development would be supported for their growth.

Justice Scholarship
This award was established in the Spring of 2002 by Princeton University to honor the memory of the public heroes of September 11th who received their academic training at John Jay College. Scholarships were awarded to entering freshmen who exemplified perseverance and dedication in pursuing a public service career and met other criteria.  More than 70 undergraduate students benefited from this award.

Maria I. Ramirez Memorial Scholarship
Established by family members of John Jay alumna killed on 9/11, this scholarship is awarded to female students who work and attend school full-time pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

Myself Third: Spirit of New York Scholarship
On January 17, 2002, Robert Friedman- a retired partner at Goldman Sachs ( and founding partner at Robeco-Sage Capital Management) and an alumnus of the City University of New York established a scholarship for high school students bound for CUNY. The scholarship pays tribute to the altruism of rescue workers following the September 11th attacks, and serves as an inspiration for young people to model selflessness and civic engagement in their communities.

Alumni Terrorism Studies Scholarship
The scholarship was established in honor of the John Jay College associates who died on 9/11.  It memorializes victims from our community and supports advanced academic studies to promote a better understanding of terrorism, strategies for countering it, and policies for preventing it.