Gun Violence 2017
America's Gun Epidemic - A Question of Public Health, Security, and Freedom

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The Gun Violence Initiative will explore in-depth, using an interdisciplinary framework and cross-sectional approaches, the highly contested issues of gun violence - its impact on individuals, families and entire communities - and, by extension, touch upon the highly polarized debate of gun control and gun rights in the country. Through convening, educating, engaging, mobilizing and empowering all stakeholders; presenting various research by our faculty; creating networks; publicizing and disseminating facts and findings; brainstorming on guiding principles and sensible policy recommendations with survivors of gun violence; and utilizing the media for extensive reporting and wide dissemination of event coverage, we aim at reaching a wide audience from multiple fields and disciplines.


Newtown -
Film screening & discussion.
When: May 1, 2:15 - 4:30pm
Where: L61
Panelists: TBD
Moderator: TBD


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