A Note from the Editors

It’s hard to get published.  If you’re not known, you’ll fold your work into a stack of envelopes or attach it to a dozen emails and send to small presses and litmags.  If the litmag is anything like J Journal, your submission will be read by two guys in a small office who will cringe at the clichés and rejoice over the originality and perhaps ask for revisions, with no guarantee of publication.  On rare occasions a story or poem will come in so complete, so refined, that it no longer seems a submission but already part of the next issue.  In J, as in pretty much any other journal, only five percent will make it into print.  Those are rough odds, and standard odds for litmags; the odds of a book contract are rougher still. 

This year, two of J Journal’s writers, two who have stayed in touch with us, received their first book contracts.  Alison Ruth’s vibrant, visceral prose has been featured in three issues of J Journal; her novel Near-Mint Cinderella was just published by Aqueous Books.  And Sandra Hunter’s J Journal story In-Breath introduced family themes she further explored in her novel Losing Touch, which just came out from Oneworld Publications.

Their success is an affirmation.  These are two alert, original writers, in full control of character and voice and pace, who have been rewarded with book contracts.  Sometimes things line up and literary justice is done.  Litmags serve a special purpose; they are the proving ground for new work. We are so pleased to have showcased these two worthy writers on their way to wider readership.  Congratulations to both.  


FALL 2014

Fiction by Mary Fifield, Thomas Fuchs, David William Hill, Richard Krause, Michael McGlade, Eddie McNamara, Murzban F. Shroff, Paul Stapleton, Vaughan Wright

Poems by Cindy King, Irene Mitchell, Charles Rammelkamp, Tory Reynolds, Dana Stamps, II, Sarah Yasin, Paula Yup

Nonfiction by Jon Lee Scott

December 3 at 7 pm
KGB Bar, 85 East 4th Street,
New York, NY

Tuesday Night Fight Writing:
Adam Berlin (co-editor) will read from his new boxing novel Both Members of the Club and Alexander Long will read from his boxing poetry.
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